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Santa Fe Rollover Accident Wrongful Death

Posted in Auto Accidents

Another New Mexico wrongful death accident involving a mother and child is making headlines. This one, occurred on I-25 near Santa Fe. According to initial reports, the New Mexico rollover wrongful death accident began when a woman was traveling on interstate 25 when she collided with another car.

This Santa Fe car accident resulted in the Las Vegas woman’s vehicle rolling several times at which point her three-year-old child was ejected. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the New Mexico accident and the various factors that contributed to the child’s death.

No matter what happens, this type of accident is a tragedy. It sends a profound shock wave through not only the family involved, but also their friends and community. From a New Mexico personal injury lawyer‘s perspective, it is always difficult handling such cases. However, it is nonetheless important to recognize that while a financial recovery, of whatever amount, may not be enough to compensate accident victims, it can be used to bring some good to those involved.

In a case such as this there are various possible claims that may arise. There are at least two separate vehicle insurance policies that may provide coverage as well as other possible theories to review. These theories include a New Mexico product defect case as well as a possible government liability case.