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Taos Hit-and-Run Accident: What Injury Law Can Help

Posted in Auto Accidents

For the second time this month a Taos accident has resulted in a fatality. Earlier this month, the New Mexico Injury Lawyer Blog featured the tragic story of a Taos motorcycle accident. Sadly, another fatal Taos car accident recently occurred that has taken the life of a two year old toddler. Words cannot express the depth of loss that such an accident causes and certainly no legal outcome, whether civil or criminal will ever be just.

The accident occurred when a Taos hit-and-run driver struck the child and fled the scene. Following the car accident, the child was taken to Holy Cross Hospital where revival efforts were unsuccessful. The vehicle involved was a dark colored, beat up, late 1990’s model pickup. Anyone with information can contact the Taos Police Department.

The accident again brings to the forefront the New Mexico personal injury law governing both hit and run and pedestrian accidents. A little known area of New Mexico uninsured motorist coverage would allow for recovery if any of the victim’s family members who live in the same household have uninsured motorist coverage. This is true even the the vehicle that is insured has nothing to do with the accident. Again, while no recovery could come anywhere near adequate, this situation highlights the importance of contacted an experienced New Mexico injury and accident lawyer to explore all possible options.