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Tragic Motorcycle Accident in Colfax County Last Week Kills Two

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Two New Mexico residents were killed last Friday when the motorcycle they were riding on collided with a guard rail around 11:00 PM, and they were ejected from the motorcycle. According to a report by the Taos News, a 56-year-old man from Moreno Valley was driving, and a 32-year-old woman was riding on the back when the bike hit a guard rail near mile marker 27 on New Mexico Highway 434 near Black Lake. Neither rider was wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, and the riders were thrown from the bike at high speed, killing both of them at the scene.

The Increased Danger of Motorcycles
New Mexico motorcycle accidents are often more severe than other types of road accidents. When a motorcycle is involved in a collision with another vehicle, the bike and riders are generally not in a safe position compared to passengers in the other vehicle. Single-bike accidents, like that which occurred last week, are also more likely to cause severe injury or death because riders are often ejected at high speeds. Additionally, motorcycles can lose control more easily when confronted with poor road conditions, and if a rider is not wearing a helmet, the risk of serious injury or death increases even more.

Motorcyclists Need the Best Insurance Coverage that They Can Afford
New Mexico roads are not always safe for motorcyclists, and bikers should have the best insurance coverage available. Motorcyclists should purchase coverage not only for liability and personal injury but also for collisions with uninsured and underinsured drivers. Collision and comprehensive coverage are also available, and obtaining such coverage puts New Mexico motorcyclists in a better position in the event of an accident.

Relief for Injured Riders
When someone is injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, there is usually a party that is responsible for the damages. If a driver is negligent and the passenger is injured or killed, the driver or his or her insurance company may be held responsible. In a collision with another vehicle, the other driver may be liable for damages, as well as any insurance companies involved. When insurance companies try and settle a claim after an accident, they often do not offer enough money to cover the victim’s loss, and the injured parties may not know what to do to get what they deserve.

A Personal Injury Lawsuit
When a rider is injured or killed in an accident, and the insurance company offer is not sufficient, it may be necessary to file a New Mexico personal injury lawsuit to pursue the relief that is deserved. The attorneys that represent insurance companies are skilled at arguing in and out of court to reduce or eliminate their clients’ liability. The issue of responsibility for an accident often has little to do with the final judgment when a case gets resolved. Insurance companies can take advantage of the complex procedural requirements in filing a New Mexico accident lawsuit, and they sometimes have a victim’s case dismissed before a jury has the opportunity to hear the facts. Injury victims should contact a skilled personal injury attorney shortly after an accident to have the best chance of obtaining what they deserve.

Have You Been in a Motorcycle Accident?

If you or someone you love has been killed or injured in a motorcycle accident, a competent New Mexico motorcycle accident attorney should be contacted as soon as possible. The dedicated lawyers at The Fine Law Firm have experience with New Mexico motorcycle accidents, and we can help prevent the insurance company and their lawyers from using a technicality to avoid liability. Our lawyers pay close attention to the details of your accident case, and we will help you seek the award that you deserve. We represent clients in a variety of New Mexico personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents. Contact The Fine Law Firm and schedule a free consultation today. Call us at (505)889-3463 or contact us through the website.

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