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Vehicular Homicide Charged After Taos Motorcycle Accident

Posted in Auto Accidents

A recent fatal accident in Taos Canyon leaves a woman coping with her serious injuries while simultaneously mourning the loss of her husband. The accident occurred on November 2nd when a a vehicle crossed the center line and struck the motorcycle head on. The driver was cited for vehicular homicide after his reckless driving was found to have caused the accident.From a New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyer’s perspective, this is an all too common story. The reckless driving charge will likely allow for the pursuit of punitive damages which typically can only be recovered with substantial assets or the victim’s own underinsured motorist coverage.

The recent Taos Canyon motorcycle accident highlights that motorcycle accident are often the most gruesome of accident on New Mexico’s highways. I do not hesitate when I say that paying for New Mexico underinsured motorist coverage is one of the most important decisions a motorcycle rider can make.