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What Is a Letter of Protection in a Personal Injury Case?

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One phrase you might hear during your personal injury case is “letter of protection.” This is a legally binding contract made between you, your lawyer and your doctor that guarantees that you will pay the doctor for any services rendered once your personal injury case has been resolved. If you believe that you could benefit from a letter of protection, contact a personal injury attorney near you to obtain this legal document.

What Is a Letter of Protection?

A letter of protection is an official legal document that is sent to a doctor, hospital or health care center by an attorney on behalf of an injured accident victim. After an accident, many victims cannot afford to pay for their necessary medical care out of pocket. The hospital cannot legally withhold care due to nonpayment; instead, it will provide care and the accident victim will be billed by the hospital for services rendered.

A letter of protection is a note promising the medical provider that any and all medical debts accrued will be satisfied once the victim’s personal injury case has been resolved. This letter may be appropriate if you are suing one or more parties for causing or significantly contributing to your injuries but have not yet received a settlement or judgment award for your injury claim.

In this case, you will eventually be able to pay for your medical bills with an award obtained with your claim. In the meantime, a letter of protection can protect you from having to deal with bill collectors for unpaid hospital bills. A letter of protection can help you whether you are filing a claim with your own insurance company or against someone else.

When Do You Need a Letter of Protection?

You may need to obtain a letter of protection after an accident in Albuquerque if you cannot afford the price of your required medical care on cash or credit. In many cases, a doctor or hospital will not accept the victim’s health insurance as a guarantee of payment, since many private insurance claims are denied if it is believed that someone else caused the claimant’s injuries. In this scenario, you can get the medical care and treatment that you need by sending the care provider a letter of protection.

Letters of protection are common after many different types of accidents. After an injury that occurs in the workplace, for example, the employee’s health insurance company may send the case to the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. While these two insurance companies grapple over liability for the claim, you can receive medical care with a letter of protection.

How to Obtain a Letter of Protection

A letter of protection must be written and sent by a personal injury attorney. It is a legally binding document or contract that must use the proper language and be drawn up by a legal professional to be legally valid. It is a contractual agreement that allows you to get the medical care that you need on credit with a medical provider under the guarantee that you will pay upon the conclusion of your case. It is important to have an attorney draft this document and communicate with a health care provider on your behalf.

If your lawyer successfully secures financial compensation for your personal injury case, a portion will automatically be deducted and sent to your medical provider to satisfy your debt. Your lawyer may be able to negotiate your medical bills down from the original amount to ensure that you are still able to receive financial compensation for your injuries. If your case does not result in financial compensation, the medical provider will retain the right to pursue collection efforts against you.

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