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White House Dog Bite

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Earlier the White House dog, Barney, bit a reporter who was reaching to pet it. Aside from its comic implications, it brings up a common New Mexico dog bite scenario. The “first dog’s” attack would produce some amazing pretrial discovery issues.

Does Barney have a tendency toward violence?
Did Barney live in an abusive household?
Was Barney bred for his watchdog tendencies to protect the White House?
Has Barney previously attacked any world leaders or diplomats?

Unfortunately, as New Mexico dog bite attorneys, many of the injuries we see are far more serious than Barney’s encounter. To make matters worse, a high percentage of the victims tend to be children with lasting injuries and scars.

Typically, the availability of homeowners insurance is one of the more important factors in evaluating the value and likelihood of success in Albuquerque dog bite cases. In addition, attention to detail must be focused on evaluating the foreseeability of the dog attacked and any comparative fault on behalf of the dog bite victim.