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Wrongful Death Case Filed Against Two Santa Fe Mental Health Professionals

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The mother of a man who hanged himself two years ago has filed a New Mexico wrongful death lawsuit against two Santa Fe mental health professionals who reportedly cared for him prior to his death. According to his mother’s lawsuit, 24-year-old Dylan Ravenfox sought treatment from psychiatrist Dr. George Greer and licensed psychologist Robert Weisz for depression and suicidal thoughts in July 2010. Dylan committed suicide on August 7, 2010.

Pleadings filed by Caroline Ravenfox in a New Mexico District Court allege her son Dylan visited with Weisz five times in the month immediately preceding his death. Caroline claims she alerted Weisz that she was worried about her son’s well-being and that Dylan had placed a belt around his neck at one point. According to Caroline, Weisz told her he was unaware Dylan was suicidal. In her lawsuit, Caroline alleges Weisz ignored signs that Dylan’s mental health was quickly deteriorating and made no attempt to intervene or treat the young man. She also alleges the psychologist breached his duty of care by failing to refer Dylan for additional mental health treatment.

The lawsuit also alleges Dr. Greer committed medical negligence by failing to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dylan within an appropriate time-frame. Dr. Greer reportedly prescribed a number of anti-depressants and other drugs to Dylan and only increased the dosage after the young man allegedly told the psychiatrist he was thinking of jumping off of a bridge. According to Caroline, Dr. Greer should have visited with Dylan more frequently and erroneously stated the young man’s mental state had improved considerably prior to his suicide.

In the lawsuit, Caroline has asked the New Mexico court to award her unspecified damages. According to Dylan’s mother, the two mental health professionals failed to notice a number of signs that her son was likely to take his own life and failed to properly treat him.

Medical malpractice can result whenever a health care provider in New Mexico does not adhere to a reasonable standard of care and a patient is hurt. Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases in our state can be tough to prove. Whether your medical provider is a member of the New Mexico Patient Compensation Fund can also have an effect your ability to recover for medical malpractice. If you were hurt by a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, or another individual who was tasked with providing your health care, you should contact an experienced New Mexico medical malpractice lawyer as soon as you are able.

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