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Clovis Police: Speed Caused Accident

Posted in Auto Accidents

The horrific Clovis New Mexico car accident involving the wrongful death of an innocent passenger and the careless driving of a Clovis police officer made headlines again. This time, a report of the events leading up to the Albuquerque wrongful death accident was released. According to reports, New Mexico investigators have been able to determine that the Clovis police officer was traveling at 58 mph four seconds before the accident, and one second before impact, slowed to 53 mph only to accelerate to 56 mph immediately before impact. All of this occurred on a road with a speed limit of 35 mph.

It seems as the the police officer is unable to claim he was responding to an emergency or even engaged in a hot pursuit, instead he was on his lunch break. As a result of his actions, he caused an accident that fatally insured the passenger of a pickup truck he collided with.