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Woman Awarded $1.2 Million Verdict in Grocery Cart Injury Case

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An Ohio woman was recently awarded a $1.2 million verdict after a jury trial in a personal injury claim against a grocery store, based on injuries that she sustained when another customer lost control of a motorized shopping cart and crashed into her. As a result of the collision, the woman hit her head and suffered serious head and neck injuries. According to a news report covering the case, the woman’s claim alleged that the grocery store did not adequately show its customers how to use the motorized carts safely and negligently caused her injuries. After the parties were unable to agree on settlement terms, the case was submitted to a jury, which awarded the woman over $1.2 million.

Businesses Can Be Held Accountable to Customers for the Negligent or Intentional Actions of Other Customers

The recent $1.2 million jury award demonstrates that businesses and other responsible entities may be legally accountable for the actions of their customers in the event of an injury or death. Businesses have a legal duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for customers while they are open to the public. Businesses that provide potentially dangerous machinery or activities have a responsibility to ensure that people participating are able to do so safely. Businesses may have a duty to train or educate customers about the use of potentially dangerous equipment, and if they fail to do so, they may be held accountable for creating a hazard to other customers in the event an injury occurs. In certain circumstances, businesses or property owners can even be held accountable for the intentional conduct of a customer if the property owner should have reasonably anticipated the risk of the customer’s conduct occurring.

Injured Victims Should Always Seek Legal Advice After an Accident

People who are injured in a public place or while on the property of a private party or business owner may not realize that their injury was a result of a negligent dereliction of duty, and victims often assume that obtaining compensation for their injuries is not possible. Anyone who is injured in such a manner should seek the advice and counsel of a skilled negligence attorney to determine if they may have a valid claim for damages. Insurance companies are often willing to compensate victims and settle claims that may appear tenuous at first glance. If you have been hurt, there’s nothing to lose by talking to a lawyer about what happened.

Are You a Victim of a Slip and Fall?

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by the accidental or intentional conduct of another party while visiting a business that was open to the public, there may be multiple avenues available to seek relief. The New Mexico premises liability attorneys at the Fine Law Firm understand the responsibilities that are assumed when businesses open their doors to the public, especially when unusual or potentially dangerous equipment is involved. Even if you aren’t sure if you have a valid claim, you might be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with an attorney and discuss your possible case today. Call the New Mexico personal injury attorneys at the Fine Law Firm at (585) 989-3463, or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.

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