Albuquerque Semi-Truck Accidents

Albuquerque semi truck accident cases typically result from the sudden stop and go traffic common in Albuquerque. As Albuquerque truck accident lawyers, we have seen many cases along I-40, I-25, or even in the big eye, in which many truck drivers are traveling too fast for conditions and cause serious accidents. Many times these Albuquerque truck accidents cause injuries so serious and significant that they change a victim’s life forever.

Albuquerque truck accident case are unique to all other types of Albuquerque vehicle accidents in that no matter how they occur, there are numerous regulations and codes that need to be evaluated to determine if, and to what extent, the semitruck driver is negligent. For example, even if a motorist were to be involved in any career and accidents with a tractor-trailer, depending on how the semitruck was fitting with warning devices for, or underguard protection, there still may be a claim against the truck driver.

Our Albuquerque truck accident attorneys are familiar with how local courts and juries view these cases, and are also knowledgeable with respect to which expert witnesses, if necessary, will most assist our clients. We have been handling Albuquerque truck accident cases for decades and are more than happy to discuss any such case with prospective clients free of charge.

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