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New Mexico Bicycle Accident and Death Cases

There is a section of the Albuquerque Traffic Code than many Albuquerque bicyclists are aware of but few motorists seem to know about. It is section 8-3-3-5 and states in part: “…bicycles have the same rights as operators of automobiles…” Although these words are found within Albuquerque’s Traffic Code, it is not a unique Albuquerque bicycle law.

Looking at New Mexico’s Motor Vehicle Code yields a similar result. Section 66-3-702 states in part: “Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle…” This is perhaps one of the least followed New Mexico traffic laws. For whatever reason, there exists a divide between New Mexico motorists and New Mexico bicyclists. Perhaps it is this mindset that is responsible for the numerous New Mexico bicycle accident and death cases that occur annually.

A New Mexico bicycle accident lawyer should be familiar with the unique laws and rules that protect bicyclists and not treat a bicycle accident case as though it is a regular car accident. This is even more important considering the serious injuries that typically result from bicycle accidents.

The New Mexico bicycle accident lawyers at the Fine Law Firm are aware of the unique demands that present themselves in a bicycle accident case and are prepared, if need be, to do what is necessary to maximize our client’s recovery. Considering many of the attorneys at the Fine Law Firm are avid bicyclists, we take these cases seriously and implement an aggressive approach to try to try to achieve the best result possible.

Some New Mexico bicycle laws resources include:

  • BikeAbq – a bike advocacy organization
  • New Mexico Annotated Statutes Covering Bicycles
  • Albuquerque Traffic Code Concerning Bicycles
  • UNM Bicycle Laws

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