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Albuquerque Prescription Drug Injury Attorney

As a patient, you trust the prescriptions your doctor gives you to be the answers to your illness or symptoms. You never expect the drug to be what causes further harm. Unfortunately, some drugs contain dangerous defects that make the medication do more harm than good to patients. In these situations, injured patients may pursue compensation through a product liability claim.

If you believe you have grounds for a dangerous prescription drug claim, contact the Albuquerque medical malpractice attorneys at The Fine Law Firm. Our lawyers have years of experience handling these cases. We can walk you through the legal process. Let us take care of the claims process while you focus on getting better.

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The lawyers at The Fine Law Firm have more than a century of combined legal experience. Clients trust us with their most complex product liability claims because of our knowledge, hands-on experience, and track record of success.

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The Fine Law Firm has the experienced lawyers, legal resources, and skill you need for strong legal representation during a dangerous prescription drug case. We offer free consultations in Albuquerque so you can speak to our attorneys in person.

Why Do You Need a Prescription Drug Injury Lawyer?

Dangerous prescription drugs can cause major legal trouble for the responsible manufacturing company. Drug manufacturers may owe millions of dollars in damages to injured plaintiffs for failing to properly test new drugs, intentionally keeping information from the public, or other types of misconduct. Manufacturing companies will use top lawyers and large legal teams to battle defective drug claims, save money, and salvage their reputations in the industry.

Hiring a lawyer will help even the playing field between you and a major drug manufacturing company. Legal representation can ensure an insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you or offer an insultingly low settlement for your damages. Your lawyer can demand fair compensation, or take your case to court if settlement negotiations don’t work. One of our Albuquerque prescription drug injury attorneys can navigate your case to your best possible advantage.

How Dangerous Are Prescription Drugs?

Defective prescription drugs may have hidden potential side effects, unknown ingredients that could cause adverse drug interactions, or dosages that prove deadly to unsuspecting patients. They could worsen a patient’s prognosis or fail to adequately treat a serious health condition or disease. Even a non-defective prescription drug could be dangerous if a physician prescribes the wrong dosage. Prescription drug mistakes can be fatal for a patient. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a prescription drug defect or mistake, discuss your options with an attorney.

Who Is Liable for Injuries?

The defendant in a dangerous prescription drug case could be the product manufacturer, seller, or distributor. It could also be a doctor, nurse, or pharmacy if the hazard stemmed from a medication error rather than a defective drug. The party liable for your injuries will be the one most at fault for causing your damages. An investigation of your situation may be necessary to determine the appropriate at-fault party or parties in your particular case.

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It is important to hire a lawyer to represent you during a dangerous prescription drug case. These lawsuits may involve prestigious doctors or medical facilities in Albuquerque, global drug manufacturers, or major insurance corporations. Protecting your rights as an injured consumer or patient with a lawyer is key to obtaining a settlement or verdict. Contact the Albuquerque personal injury lawyers at the Fine Law Firm today to see if we can help your case. Call to request your free consultation.