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Albuquerque Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse can leave lasting effects on a victim and his or her family. Though the perpetrator may be serving time or facing criminal charges, victims can also file civil charges to compensate for the material and intangible losses that result from such a traumatic experience. If you or a loved one experienced sexual abuse, contact the personal injury lawyers at Fine Law Firm in New Mexico today to discuss your legal options in a free initial consultation. Let us demand compensation for your injuries and help you through this difficult time.

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Albuquerque families have been turning to the Fine Law Firm to serve their legal needs for over forty years. Here’s why we’re uniquely equipped to handle your case:

  • We maintain close and personal contact with our clients and treat them like family. We pride ourselves on offering useful and candid legal advice.
  • We operate our firm on a contingency-fee basis – this means you’ll never owe any legal fees unless we secure a settlement or court judgment on your behalf.
  • We have a reputation in our community as being leaders in law. Other legal professionals refer their cases to us. We also speak in our communities on behalf of the Bar Association and teach at local law schools.
  • We’re trial-tested lawyers and will take your case to court if it means getting the compensation you deserve.

Why Do You Need an Albuquerque Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

Being a victim of sex abuse can take a lasting toll. In order to begin the healing process, you and your family will want any legal matters resolved as quickly as possible. Sex abuse cases involve matters of state tort law, so it’s essential to have an attorney who is familiar with these legal processes guide you through your options. With an Albuquerque sexual abuse attorney by your side, you can file a claim for damages and collect the compensation you need to heal and begin the recovery process.

Types of Sex Abuse

Several different kinds of sex abuse exist:

  • Sexual assault. Sexual assault is a broad term that encompasses any unwanted touching or fondling, as well as rape. It may also involve forcing someone to perform sexual acts under the threat of fear, intimidation, or physical force.
  • Intimate partner sexual violence. Domestic violence, including domestic sexual assault, is a serious crime. Partners who engage in the unwanted sexual touching or rape of another can face both criminal and civil charges.
  • Drug-facilitated sexual assault. Perpetrators may use drugs or alcohol to remove a person’s ability to consent to sexual activity.

Who Is Liable?

If you have been a victim of sexual violence, you can file a civil claim for damages on top of any criminal charges that a defendant is facing. However, the claim you file might not be against the defendant himself or herself. Determining the liable party will depend greatly on the unique circumstances of your case. For example, if a sexual assault occurred on a college campus, the university may be proximally liable on the grounds of negligent security. An Albuquerque, NM sexual abuse attorney can help you determine who is liable for your experience and hold them accountable for damages.

What Damages Can I Recover?

You can collect damages from both the material and intangible damages that result from your experience. These take a few forms.

  • Economic damages – include quantifiable expenses associated with your experience. Examples include medical bills, any missed time from work, and the costs of ongoing treatment, such as therapy.
  • Non-economic damages – seek to compensate for the general losses you suffer – physical pain, suffering, emotional anguish, and loss in life quality.
  • Punitive damages – serve to punish the liable party for the reckless or grossly negligent conduct that contributed to the incident.

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