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We are personal injury lawyers. We do not handle anything other than cases in which our clients, or their family members, suffer some sort of injury. This means that we do not handle a majority of legal issues, but it also means that, our lawyers devote every moment of their legal practice handling a single type of law, personal injury law. By specializing in this way, not only to we pursue cases that we are most passionate about, but it also means that we offer our clients a specialized practice that allows us to apply an extensive but focused experience to all cases we handle.

Why does hiring a personal injury specialist matter?

The same logic that applies to law applies to many other things. You can choose to be skilled in many different areas, or specialized in a single one. When it comes to building a house, would you rather hire a general handyman, or an experienced home builder? If you had a toothache, would you rather see a doctor who knows a little about everything, or a well trained dentist. When it comes to buying tools, would you prefer to go to the corner drug store that has all sorts of products, but a very limited tool selection, or would you go to a home improvement store?

The same logic applies when hiring a lawyer. If by chance your legal issue involves a little bit of divorce, a touch of bankruptcy, a dash of criminal law, and some personal injury, then it would be great to hire a lawyer who handles all of those. However, if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer, there are certain advantage to hiring a lawyer who specializes in that field.

As personal injury attorneys, we focus our injury law practice on all cases in which injuries were caused by the fault of another regardless of where it may occur. Although we are Albuquerque personal injury lawyers, we travel throughout the state representing individuals injured in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, as well as many other cases.

All of our cases share the common theme that at their very core they involve some sort of injury to our client. While the nature of the injury may vary significantly, there are many common threads to all personal injury cases.

The Personal Injury Tripod

For example, every single personal injury case must be supported by three distinct legs. Just like a tripod supporting a camera, should any single leg fail, then the entire structure comes down. Regardless of whether the case is a complex medical malpractice claim, a serious New Mexico car accident, or a intricate product defects case each one must be supported by the same three legal concepts. First, there must be some sort of damage (injury, death, disfigurement, etc...). Next, there must be a showing that the defendant was negligent. Finally, the negligence must be shown to be the cause of the injury.

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Client Reviews
"I could not say enough kind words to convey how professional and caring during a very difficult time in my life. Every visit to the office I was made to feel like I was the only client. They explained everything completely. I was introduced to every member of the Fine Law Firm. They went out of there way to resolve my case. If I ever need legal help again I would not hesatate to call The Fine Law Firm" E.H.
"The Fine Law Firm is quite experienced in the field of personal injury and related practice areas. As a personal injury attorney myself, I am impressed with the firm's history, attention to detail, and results obtained." D.W.
"They were always so patient and so considerate in helping us get through a situation that isn't very common. They were totally accessible and extremely professional. They took the time to explain everything and answered every question I asked. They walked us through everything and made a horrible situation as best as it could possibly be. They just seemed extremely competent and knew exactly what to do at every turn." S.M.
"Great Law Firm. I was treated like family by Mark Fine . Issues , concerns and questions about my case were answered in a timely manner.Very professional and friendly atmosphere. I would strongly recommend the Fine Law Fine." A.P.
"Great Law Firm. I was treated like family by Mark Fine . Issues , concerns and questions about my case were answered in a timely manner.Very professional and friendly atmosphere. I would strongly recommend the Fine Law Fine." G.G.