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New Mexico Dram Shop Accidents

New Mexico dram shop law involves claims against New Mexico restaurants, bars, or party hosts who negligently over-serve their patrons. Although not every New Mexico drunk driving accident case will result in a dram shop case, it is nonetheless an issue to always explore.

New Mexico dram shop cases require more than simply showing a patron was served while intoxicated. There are additional elements that need to be proven that makes the cases extraordinarily complex.

Some of the New Mexico dram shop accident lawyers at the Fine Law Firm have been asked to lecture members of the bar on some of these topics. In addition, some of our cases have been instrumental in reshaping how New Mexico handles these cases.

In the landmark decision in MRC Properties, Inc. v. Gries, 98 NM 710 (1982), the Fine Law Firm attorneys were successful in requiring a social host, a local McDonald’s, to be responsible for the consequences of serving alcoholic beverages to minors resulting in a serious automobile accident.

If you have been injured as a result of a New Mexico drunk driving case and would like to talk to our attorneys to determine if there is also a dram shop case, you can call our New Mexico injury law firm, or email us, and obtain a free evaluation.