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New Mexico Erbs Palsy

Erb’s palsy is a condition that may be caused by complications that arise during child delivery. Often times, New Mexico Erb’s palsy is caused when a newborn becomes stuck within the cervix during delivery. Typically, the shoulder becomes trapped and requires proper medical care to maneuver the infant for a safe delivery. In the event that the obstetrician uses an appropriate equipment to deliver the infant, or four steps and vacuums are used to pull the baby out, the result can be severe nerve damage. Excessive force applied to the newborn infant typically results in shoulder dystocia and causes the extensive nerve damage.

It is important to note that not all incidents of New Mexico Erbs palsy are the results of New Mexico medical malpractice. However, given the lasting effects that New Mexico Erbs palsy can have on a child’s life, it is often times prudent to allow a New Mexico Erb’s palsy lawyer to perform a free evaluation.

Trained physicians are generally able to spot potential high-risk New Mexico Erbs palsy patients. Generally, such risk factors include overweight mothers late pregnancy, the mother’s pelvic bone shape, and maternal diabetes. Depending on the presence of such risk factors and whether a doctor suspects New Mexico Erbs palsy, preventive measures may be necessary. Typically, a cesarean section is the best option to avoid the risks of New Mexico Erbs Palsy. Often times, the success of a New Mexico Erb’s palsy case focuses on the decision of whether or not to offer, let alone perform, a cesarean section.

Typical damages caused by New Mexico Erbs palsy negligence include difficulty with motor function, paralysis extending throughout the fingers and hands, and difficulty moving. New Mexico Erb’s palsy victims may recover from their symptoms on their own, or in severe cases require surgical intervention that may or may not work.

In addition to fully evaluating a possible claim, New Mexico Erbs palsy must be aware of the extensive treatment and cost of living that may be necessary for the infant and his or her family.

If your child has been diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, and you believe that there is a possibility that it may be the fault of a medical provider, you can contact our New Mexico Erbs palsy attorneys for a free evaluation.