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New Mexico Property Damage Law

Following most New Mexico car accident cases, there are two types of claims: property damage claims and bodily injury claims. Generally speaking, the property damage claim is more straightforward and resolves well before the injury portion of the case.

People often call our New Mexico accident lawyers asking, “How much is my car worth?” Often times we provide these people with information to assist in resolving this portion of their claim. When dealing with New Mexico property damage claims, it is important to keep in mind the obligations of the insurance companies.

New Mexico insurance companies are not required to pay the cost to fix all vehicles. Rather they are generally obligated to pay whichever is less, the cost of fixing the vehicle, or the market value of the vehicle prior to the collision. There are various nuances to New Mexico property damage law, and it is important to speak with a New Mexico car crash lawyer to explore your options.

When the car accident attorneys at the Fine Law Firm handle a client’s bodily injury case, they assist with the property damage and almost never charge an attorney fee for this service. By implementing such an approach, the New Mexico car accident lawyers at the Fine Law Firm not only provide some FREE assistance regarding property damage for their clients, but they also do not get paid for their services with regard to other portions of your case unless they recover money for you.

If you are dealing with an insurance company regarding property damage, you may find the following resources helpful.

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