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New Mexico Trucking Regulations

New Mexico Semi truck Driver Regulations

There are numerous federal regulations regarding semi truck drivers. These range from maximum hours on duty, to load distribution and vehicle inspections and maintenance.

In addition to the federal semi truck driving regulation adopted in Part 391 of the federal semi truck driving regulations, New Mexico also requires that semi-truck drivers be at least 18 years of age, and 21 years of age if the semi truck is hauling hazardous materials.

In addition, if the semi truck stays within a certain mile radius the driver may be immune to the hours of operations requirements. In New Mexico, if the driver operates within either 100 or 150 miles of the regular place of business then the federal maximum hours of operation may not apply.

New Mexico’s laws regarding commercial transportation and semi trucking modify the federal regulations slightly.

While these regulations may help increase the level of culpability a semi truck driver or his or her employer may have, they are not crucial for a successful case. For example, there are many semi-truck accident cases where a semi-truck driver is simply negligent in causing a collision. In these situations, even if there was no failure to abide by the federal or state regulations, the victim may still receive a full recovery. However, the opposite is also true.

There may be an accident involving a semi-truck that on the surface suggests the semi-truck driver did nothing wrong, however, further exploration may show that had the regulations been following, the accident may have been prevented. For example, if the vehicle would have been properly maintained, the load properly distributed, or the maximum number of driving hours followed, then perhaps the accident would have never occurred.