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$1.15 Million To Slip-and-Fall Victim awarded by Jury

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Mr. Roselli was represented by Daniel C. Minc of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP.A State Supreme Court Jury in Manhattan last week awarded a New Jersey man $1.15 million for injuries sustained when he tripped on an obstruction on the sidewalk near the Lincoln Tunnel. The man Rollins Roselli, claimed that he tripped on a fence post that protruded over the sidewalk at 14 Street and 11th Ave., as he was running toward the Lincoln Tunnel.

The Lawsuit Was Brought against the Bus Company, Maplewood Equipment Corp., which was alleged to control a parking lot that was bounded by the fence, a portion of which was alleged to have been pushed onto the sidewalk by a bus as it was being parked.

Mr. Roselli was hospitalized for two weeks with a dislocated hip in the mishap, and was required three months of follow-up care. In addition, a medical expert testified that he will require a hip replacement within 10 years of the accident. Mr. Roselli, however has not yet undergone such an operation.

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