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$3.1 Million Verdict returned by New York Jury

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Woman claims herniated disc not diagnosed for eight months – multiple surgeries required – $20,000 settlement with hospital – New York. Jury returns $3.1 million verdict. The Plaintiff, Age 27, Was Abducted and Forced to Jump Out Of a Moving Automobile. She Sustained a Compression Fracture of the Third Lumbar Vertebrae, and was taken to an area hospital. Before a Diagnosis was made, She was eventually admitted to a Hospital under the Care of the Defendant Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Krishnen Urs. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant failed to treat Herniated Disc at L4 – 5 for eight months, which aggravated the condition. The plaintiff subsequently underwent three surgeries and further surgery is anticipated in the future. The hospital settled prior to trial for $20,000, a jury returned a $3.1 million verdict against the defendant. Patricia and William Calise v. Krishnen Urs, Kings County, New York, Supreme Court Daniel C. Minc of Rosenberg, Minc, et al., New York, New York for the plaintiffs. Jeffrey J. Cohen of Amabile & Erman, Brooklyn, New York for the Defendant.