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Truck Regulations and Laws

Semi trucks must adhere to state and federal trucking regulations that are designed to protect the safety of the public. Failure to adhere to these standards is not only illegal but jeopardizes the safety of all motorists. What may appear to be a simple mistake can sometimes be traced to an intentional choice by the driver or the driver’s company to ignore New Mexico or Federal law. For example, just like pilots are required to sleep for a certain number of hours before they fly a plane, truck drivers must also log a certain amount of sleep for each day they are on the road. This requirement often delays transport times and as such companies and drivers sometimes ignore this law and driver extended hours on end to meet deadlines. Driving a semi truck on limited rest may result in increased danger, and may increase the value of a case if this information is discovered. Other truck accidents occur due to excessive semi-truck loads, semi truck breaking defects, semi truck driver drug and alcohol usage.